Third Stone Journal is devoted to Afrofuturism, African-futurism, and other modes of the Black Fantastic. The genesis of its idea was the creation of a platform to demonstrate digital humanities by selecting a subject matter that was apropos to the “discipline.” Third Stone is therefore intended as a starting place for a necessary conversation on literature, art, music, digital content, popular culture, and more that seeks to inject activism by advocating for the removal of obstacles that have habitually stifled and/or silenced people of African descent, their imagination, and things produced as a result.

Ironically, the release of Black Panther and its ultimate success in the box office and in stirring cultural discourse brought Afrofuturism back to the mainstream. Some of the objectives of Third Stone include to: 1) provide multimodal content; 2) serve as a hub for Black DH, “e-black studies,” “digital Blackness”; 3) promote public history and humanities; 4) build networks of scholars, practitioners, and activists; 5) create an epistemological meeting space for Black liberation; 6) advocate for the rights of digital authors and creators; and 7) influence pedagogy, curricula, and canon.

Teachers, educators, and librarians are key members of our community, particularly those interested in digital humanities work. The journal, after all, was conceived as a demonstration of digital humanities, and we strive to remain true to meeting the needs of practitioners, students, and observers of this global movement to transform the humanities in the twenty-first century and beyond. Therefore, our audience is always evolving. It is both the producer and the consumer of content by, for, and about all modes of the Black Fantastic, just as it is those who engage with our content via social media, academic networks, and conferences and events. 

ISSN 2688-6510

Third Stone is a publication of Rochester Institute and Technology. You can find the journal archived on the university’s Scholarworks platform and submit your your work: https://scholarworks.rit.edu/thirdstone/

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