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CFP: “WHAT IF?”: Speculative Histories of Jazz

Jazz Research Journal special issue, November 2022

This special issue will interrogate the conjectural mode as a new beginning for the understanding of jazz and its culture. We contend that, despite the destabilizing intentions of New Jazz Studies, discourse has remained centered on ahistorical canon formation and racialized conceptions of genius. In this, the statues of jazz have remained firmly in place. We invite submissions to this issue which directly challenge these monolithic narratives.

Afrofuturism Syllabus

See the Afrofuturism & the Hurston Legacy, a collection of open educational resources (OERs) and open-access course syllabi for the Zora Neale Hurston Festival of the Arts & Humanities and its 2020-2024 Afrofuturism Conference Cycle.


Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies seeks submissions focused on: the African intelligentsia, the African brain drain, decolonizing education in Africa and the African world community, institutional development and support for the African intelligentsia, the internationalization of African intellectualism, organic scholars within the African intelligentsia, the sociology of African intellectualism, the scholar-activist tradition/practice within the African intelligentsia, critical biographical profiles of the African intelligentsia, book reviews, the motion and behavior through space and time of African intellectualism in relationship to energy and force (the physics of African intellectualism), interviews, art and the African intelligentsia, Afro-futurism, the African intelligentsia absent of egocentricity, the conscious and unconscious dynamics/psychology of African intellectualism, etc. All relevant topics and subtopics will be considered for this edition.

Afrofuturism Libguide

See Dr. Clarissa West-White’s resource guide on Afrofuturism.

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